LAERRICO & Partners are experts in Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Leadership Maturity, Emotional Intelligence, Executive Image Consulting, Leadership Branding, Organizational Development, HR Strategy, Executive Time Management, Intervention, Conflict Resolution, Senior Management TrainingWhy Executive Coaching

Why do some people quickly scale the corporate ladder, while others get stuck on the way up? There is not one answer but many. Every individual faces unique challenges during his or her professional journey, and sometimes only a fresh set of expertly-trained eyes can identify issues beneath the surface. Executive Coaching can be the X Factor for creating a fulfilling climb and finding success at the top.

Top Benefits for Corporations

  • Develops efficient, high-performance teams and leaders
  • Accelerates on-boarding to new roles and supports increases in responsibilities
  • Enhances learning experiences and translates them into action
  • Promotes organizational transformation and eases shifts in organizational culture
  • Creates loyalty and retains key talent for leadership positions

Key Advantages for Executives, Senior Management & Teams

  • Removes self-imposed limitations to bring next-level leadership opportunities within reach
  • Hones and builds a personal brand to shape the perception of others
  • Develops and guides execution of a professional career plan
  • Creates work-life balance by prioritizing professional and personal goals
  • Improves decision-making, confidence, time-management, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, mentoring, persuasion, motivational effectiveness, and conflict-management know-how